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Your guide to Buying Saskatchewan Farm Land

So you want to purchase Farm Land in Saskatchewan.  Well we are here to help you sort out and make sense of all the information that is floating around in today's marketplace.  You want your buying experience to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience which is where we come in.  There are many factors to consider as well as numerous options available including the use of a "Buyers Brokerage Contract" which will ensure your best interests are well protected.  Below are a number of information documents all aimed at helping you the Buyer be in a better position to move forward in making well informed and thought out decisions.  Simply check off the reports you would like to see, fill in your information, and click send.  Maybe you would like to talk in person first?  No problem, give me a call at your earliest convenience and we will start your journey to finding the perfect farm for you and your family!

Acquisition Services

Pre-Planning Your Purchase

Writing the Offer

Understanding Agency

Agency Disclosure Brochure

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